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Monthly Hire

One 5 Hour Session per week for a Month!!!

Rehearsal, Recording, Songwriting, Tracking, Editing, Mixing & Mastering!   Full Access to Studio!

Roland TD-50KV electronic Drum Set with 2 x JBL PRX812 + 15" sub woofer

Yamaha Motif XF 7 and 8 workstations with JBL PA

Mesa Boogie Bass Rig, Bass Strategy Eight:88 with Mesa  6 x 10 Bass Cab

Kemper through a Marshall Quad covers pretty much all your Guitar needs

All Instruments can be discretely recorded to the D.A.W. No need for headphones! 

Record, Edit, Mix, Master! Full Access to Studio! DAW and all Software instruments for those that can show experience..

 bring in your own mix engineer or we can engineer and mix for you for $10 per hour during your sessions!


T's & C's

Payment made in advance, at the beginning of the month 

no refunds for cancellations!

"sessions can be reorganised  within the month

if given enough notice"




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