Drums     Roland  TD 50 KV Electronic Drum Kit dbl Kick

Bass         SansAmp powered through Mesa 6x10

Guitars      Kemper Profiler  through a Marshall Quad

Keys          Yamaha Motif XF 8 and XF 7 Workstations

P.A.           JBL Eon 615 Vocal P.A.    4 Mics


 Drums and Keys have there own JBL P.A.s and all                        instruments are routed to the D.A.W for discrete                      digital recording!




$50 for 5 hours!!!  

Available 24/7/365

Everything setup ready to go


Sound Proof

Great Vibey room with adjustable lighting!

More pics on the Gallery Page!!!

Practice can be digitally recorded to MP3 on request  $15

Monthly Hire

$170 Per Month!!!  

gets you 5 hours Rehearsal time every week

for an average $40 per 5-hour session

Everything setup ready to go!

Conditions: Paid in advance at the beginning of the month,

no refunds for cancellations! If enough notice is given, sessions can be reorganized to alternative dates within the current month!   no problems!!